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  • Responsive design with 3 breakpoints

  • New Responsive carousel

    • A minimum of 3 images need to be uploaded for the carousel to function effectively

    • Optimzed for 300x300px images. Larger square images will work but scale down to 300x300. Rectangular images can be used, but don’t work as well.

    • Users can consider using a triptych style (single image cut into three) if they only have one main banner image.

  • New quick view functionality

    • Slides down rather than appearing in a new modal window

  • New quick zoom functionality on the product detail pages

  • Mosaic.js style home page

Great For

  • Anything

Unsupported functions (by design)


  • The ‘Text’ field has been disabled. Instead users should use ‘Heading’ only to display their message. This was done due to the limited space with the new carousel format.

Design mode

  • We strongly discourage using design mode. Ever.

Store Settings – Website

  • Decimal places don’t respond

Store Settings – Display

  • Set amount of feature products (configurable through product list page)

  • Set amount of new products

  • Yes, enable tag clouds

  • Yes, enable product tabs

  • Yes, show drop shadows around the fly out menu

  • Menu fade timeout

  • Tag cloud font size

  • All quick view button editing

Store settings – images

  • Quick view has been disabled for mobile, but is active for desktop

  • Categories per row is fixed at 4, with a fixed width of 220px. Height can be user defined

  • Note, we advise keeping the image settings all within a 1:1.2 ratio. So, if the storewide thumbnail is 220 the height will be 264 (220x1.2).

  • We recommend keeping the Product main image at the default dimensions.
    (460 x 552). The image below demonstrates why these dimensions are important when the new quick zoom feature is enabled.  

What’s new in this version

  • N/A

Known Issues


  • Carousel preview in the control panel has multiple styling issues. We’re looking to resolve some of these bugs when we have the ability to roll out global theme changes without causing disruptions to existing stores.

  • The ‘preview carousel’ button displays a stretched image

The responsive carousel

We’ve created a completely new style of carousel for this theme with a responsive focus. With the new format a minimum of three images is required. The images can be uploaded in the usual manner through the carousel builder.

Product image zoom function

The product zoom works best when you have more than one image for the product detail page. Optimal results are achieved with four images.


Technically, it’s not a zoom. It’s more of a thumbnail enlarger. When the image is enlarged to the full size (ideally 460px) the user can’t zoom in any further.

If the zoom is disabled the images are just displayed at 100% and the ability to zoom in to see greater detail in unavailable.

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